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OhByteMe extract relevant information from other sites and leaves behind most of the junk. Like stories and. personal  information. Now you can get the content you want without sifting through lengthy blog posts to find it.


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If you have ever set out to find information online and had to read through a large amount of content that you didn’t need and ended up being a big waste of your important time, you aren’t alone.

Or how about searching for a good recipe for something, only to find the recipe is at the bottom of a very lengthy article about things that you didn’t need to know or much less care about.

OhByteMe has decided to take the proverbial bull by the horns in an attempt to bring you content over your favorite ideas and topics in a quick and precise format. Allowing you to spend less time searching and reading and more time doing things that matter.  

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“Thank you so much for all the work info you provide. I was so tired of sifting through huge blog posts. I come to this site daily.”

Jess Skolnik

WriteNow Publishing, Owner

“Searching through the internet for info is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, Now I dont have to. Thanks OBM”

Andrea Nahaev

Director, El Style Mag

“I am so glad I found ohbyteme. I would spend countless hours researching ideas or products and read though long pages just to find a tiny bit of information. I totally appreciate it.”

Eduard Ungureanu

Tech Support, ESPN Tech

“So many options. I search for products during the day and at night I make dinner from recipies here. Many thanks.”

Tommi Ewer

Dropshipping Wholesale, FinerPlate

To become a researcher for obm and make money from home 

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